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Speak up, Seminoles!

We are an organization that connects you, the people, to

Student Government to facilitate the change you want

to see on campus.  We are here to listen to your concerns

and do what it takes to make Florida State University

the best it can be.

Leaving a Legacy

We are a group of passionate students came to us wanting to get involved in making the decisions that impact student life

here at Florida State. 

If you have any change in mind for this campus, please reach out to us at fsulegacyparty@gmail.com ! We are here to make the changes you want to see on campus! Or, reach us directly on Instagram


Interested in applying for our Executive Board or becoming an Executive Deputy?

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You can get involved and build experience by helping us run our campaign! You'll meet lots of people in many different organizations and be a positive force of change on campus!