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Executive BoarD

ChairThe duties of the chair are typically concerned with the party membership, and the activities of the party organization. The Chair often plays important roles in strategies to recruit and retain members, in campaign fundraising, and in internal party governance. They often also have influence in candidate selections and in the development and vision of party policy.

Vice Chair: The Vice Chair is directly responsible for coordinating and working closely with the Party Chair, regarding all things concerning the Legacy Party and facilitating the Chair in their role.


Director of Outreach: In charge of the committees of The Legacy Party, recruiting people from different communities on FSU’s campus and planning and executing service events.

​Campaign Manager: Responsible for management of The Legacy Party's participation in the fall and spring Student Government Elections and following election code while doing so.

Director of Public Relations: Maintains a consistent brand for The Legacy Party and is responsible for keeping social media postings of the party up-to-date.

Secretary: Records the minutes of the each business meeting. Ensure that the council’s on-line update is completed at least annually and that the membership roster and contact information for each representative is updated as necessary. Also maintains a contact database and collect business cards and holds all secret ballot votes for safekeeping in the event of a dispute

Treasurer: Keeps detailed and accurate accounts of all contributions and expenditures made for or by The Legacy Party. The party treasurer must always remain in full contact with the Chairman and Campaign Manager.

Director of Programming: In charge of planning and implementing all programming of The Legacy Party. This includes all general body meetings, workshops, service events, and any other events that the executive board deems necessary.

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