Niccolo Benedetti

Party Chair

LinkedIn: Niccolo Benedetti

Instagram: @niccolob21

Patrick Martin

Director of Outreach

LinkedIn: Patrick Martin


Keri Linehan


LinkedIn: Carolyn Linehan

Instagram: @kerilinehan

Joseph Santana

Vice Chair

LinkedIn: Joseph Santana

Instagram: @j_santanag

Kayla Lewis

Director of PR

LinkedIn: Kayla Lewis

Instagram: @kaylaskyy

Nick Burnam


LinkedIn: Nick Burnam

Instagram: @nickburnam

Ashley Scarry

Campaign Manager

LinkedIn: Ashley Scarry

Instagram: @ashleyscarry

Jessica Fessler

Director of Programming

LinkedIn: Jessica Fessler

Instagram: @jessica_fessler

Bryce Nichols

Recruitment Coordinator

LinkedIn: Bryce Nichols

Instagram: @notlikebryce

Gabriel Torres

Candidate Coordinator

LinkedIn: Gabriel Torres

Instagram: @torresgabriel

Abigail Grant


LinkedIn: Abigail Grant

Instagram: @abbie_grant

Legacy Party

Official Contact

Instagram: @fsulegacy

Facebook: FSU Legacy

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