• Niccolo Benedetti

    Party Chair

    Why Legacy?

    I choose Legacy because this university and campus have left a profound impact on the way I view student life. Legacy serves the student body and not only brings students together, but brings out the best in every individual. Joining Legacy provides students with the motivation and purpose necessary to truly improve the Florida State community.


    LinkedIn: Niccolo Benedetti

    Instagram: @niccolob21

    Niccolo Benedetti

  • Ashley Scarry

    Campaign Manager

    Why Legacy?

    I choose Legacy because I love knowing that we are giving the student body the outlet they deserve to share their ideas and wishes for what they want on this campus. This pushes me to do everything I possibly can to spread the opportunity.


    LinkedIn: Ashley Scarry

    Instagram: @ashleyscarry

    Ashley Scarry

  • Bryce Nichols

    Recruitment Coordinator

    Why Legacy?

    I choose Legacy because Legacy is about creating a new wave of change and leadership on this campus. Legacy is about speaking up for 100% of FSU, and working for what the students TRULY want.”


    LinkedIn: Bryce Nichols

    Instagram: @notlikebryce

    Bryce Nichols

  • Joseph Anthony Santana

    Vice Chair

    Why Legacy?

    I choose Legacy because I believe in leaving an impact at FSU through bringing together motivated students to make positive action. Legacy prides itself in hearing what the student body wants to make our university better for everyone and takes it to shape its vision for the future. That is the organization I want to align myself with. One that cares, one that leaves a legacy.


    LinkedIn: Joseph Santana

    Instagram: @j_santanag

    Joseph Anthony Santana

  • Fatema Jaffer

    Candidate Coordinator

    Why Legacy?

    I choose Legacy because I want to be part of the change on this campus we've all dreamed of. For too long we've seen a lot of ideas being thrown into student government with not enough action. With enough student engagement, involvement, and empowerment, I truly believe we can build a better future for the next generation of FSU students. 


    LinkedIn: Fatema Jaffer

    Instagram: @fatemaajaffer

    Fatema Jaffer

  • Keri Linehan


    Why Legacy?

    I choose Legacy because I want to help students like me see that they do have a voice and that their opinions matter. Legacy has shown me the power of students coming together to better FSU. I want everyone on campus to be involved in SGA, even if it is just a small part, so that we can make Florida State the best place it can be.


    LinkedIn: Carolyn Linehan

    Instagram: @kerilinehan

    Keri Linehan

  • Sarah Schuminsky

    Director of Programming

    Why Legacy?

    I choose Legacy because I want to create an environment where every student feels like they have an ability to leave their mark on campus and give them the opportunities to do so.


    LinkedIn: Jessica Fessler

    Instagram: @jessica_fessler

    Sarah Schuminsky

  • Abigail Grant


    Why Legacy?

    I choose Legacy because it is not just an organization, but a way to help the community. I feel most fulfilled when I help others to achieve their aspirations, so I am ready to make my impact by helping others create their own Impact and their own Legacy.


    LinkedIn: Abigail Grant

    Instagram: @abbie_grant

    Abigail Grant

  • Kayla Lewis

    Director of Outreach

    Why Legacy?

    I choose Legacy because this party believes in bolstering student involvement not only in SGA, but in the FSU community as a whole. When students become actively engaged on campus, the community not only becomes more unified but their voices become truly heard. I wholeheartedly believe that this is how we will leave our legacy on campus. This is why I chose Legacy.


    LinkedIn: Kayla Lewis

    Instagram: @kaylaskyy

    Kayla Lewis

  • Gabriel Torres

    Director of Public Relations

    Why Legacy?

    I choose legacy because being a first generation immigrant from Ecuador, I’ve personally seen how hard my parents have worked to build a better future for my family and me. Similarly, I choose legacy because we believe that it doesn’t matter where you’re from, what you want to do, or who you know, if you have the necessary passion and drive to want to get involved & make an impact, you can 100% take part in the mission to leave a legacy for the many generations of students to come.


    LinkedIn: Gabriel Torres

    Instagram: @torresgabriel

    Gabriel Torres

  • Patrick Martin

    Outreach Debuty

    Why Legacy?

    I choose Legacy because student life is the most important part of our campus. When students get connected to organizations, families are made. Together, this makes up the FSU community, and that’s what drives the Seminole spirit. My goal is to make it easier for students to get involved on campus, and getting involved with Legacy is the best way to do that.

    Patrick Martin

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