So what is SGA?

One of the reasons why student involvement isn't at its full potential is because many students don't know what SGA is. A lot of helpful information is distributed to incoming Senators, but not the student body.

One main goal of Legacy is to make information about SGA more easily accessible. This starts right now.

SGA Breakdown


Transparency, especially with funding, is a top priority of the Legacy Party. In accordance with our goal of making financial transparency a reality at Florida State, here is a summary of the 2018 SGA budget allocation.

2018 Budget Allocation.jpeg

What the heck is Senate?

Aside from their once a week Senate meeting every Wednesday at 7:30pm, there are quite a few other things that our Student Senators do. Here's a quick breakdown to understand how it's structured, the committees that make up the entirety of Senate, and an agenda for what Senate actually looks and feels like.

SGA Student Senate Leadership.png
SGA Student Senate Committees.png
SGA Senate Example Agenda.png

Who does Senate work with?

There are six Agencies and seven Bureaus that advocate for the needs of the student body. The Agencies are identity-based, and play a crucial role in advocating for the different needs of our diverse student body. They are open to students of all identities.

The seven Bureaus represent areas of campus designed to support student success, such as housing,, research, and sustainability.

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