The Vision

Legacy will be the standard of excellence for student engagement and involvement

FSU’s National Ranking will be raised from #26 to be amongst the top 10 Public Universities within the next decade

The Goals

Empowering students and streamlining the question of “how” to get involved through better promotion and more opportunities

Begin and maintain monthly Town-hall events with RSOs for the FSU community to participate, stay informed, and get involved

These visions will become a reality through:

  1. A framework for communication and collaboration between all RSOs across campus

  2. A culture of well-rounded and professional students across all organizations

  3.     Expansion of the revolving-door of SGA to the wider student body

  4.     Healthy and open-discussions between all students across campus to bolster civic engagement, student awareness, and peak overall involvement

  5. Establishment of free-flowing channels of transparency and knowledge to the student body to better understand and confidently engage in the community

Fill entirety of Senate and bring increased prestige to all organizations through healthy competition by tremendous involvement

Begin SGA related video series to capture all organizations and aspects of life through FSU

Year-round programming for continuous community discussion to promote involvement, engagement, and empowerment

Begin promoting and standardizing professionalism with resources to better prepare students for after college

Easy-to-Read Budget Reports and Visuals for students to see where our $14 Million goes

Make An impact

leave A legacy