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The Legacy Party is committed to lasting excellence. For this reason, we have broken down our platform into what's achievable within one term, within two terms, and in the long run.

Too often do parties make extravagant promises with no accountability. We find that by specifying the timeline of these goals, we can be held accountable with more specific deadlines.

Short Term Goals


  • Ensure all buildings on campus have some sort of water bottle filling stations.

  • Encourage and incentivize all campus departments and RSOs to go paperless to the fullest extent possible.


  • Work with Seminole Dining to phase out highly processed foods from campus dining establishments, as well as implementing more diet and religion-friendly meal options.

  • Expand the Golden Tribe Lecture Series to include more speakers from outside the United States, to broaden the worldview of FSU students.

  • Improve NoleCentral to streamline the process of discovering RSOs, enabling students to find these different RSOs easier and driving engagement.


  • Increase awareness of the Office of National Fellowships and the services it offers.

  • Implement a program that encourages students under academic suspension to enroll in an extracurricular organization that aligns with their major.


  • Restructure SGA website to make funding and spending reports more easily accessible to students.

  • Work with Senate to create documents covering the Student Body Constitution and Statutes that explain the subjects in plain language to make them more comprehensible to the student body.


Make An impact

leave A legacy